The Queen's Head in Yeliuo Scenic Area is Under Risk of being Destroyed


Talking about Yeliuo scenic area, one can never miss the Queen's head, a scenic spot in demand by tourists to Taiwan.

Because of its unique shape, tourists who see it for the first time are always stunned.
Recently, due to the natural and artificial impact, the Queen's head's neck size is becoming smaller each year. 
The Queen's head is likely to be abolished eventually for its incapacity to hold the head's weight. 
The scenic spot administration is troubled by this problem and has sought assistance from experts and has let the general public vote for the 
solution on the Internet.

However, most opinions lean toward to the choice of letting the Queen's head live with nature. 
The scenic spot administration can only educate the tourists and ask them not to touch the Queen's head in order to avoid speeding up its damage.

For people who enjoy nature, the Queen's head has been a wonderful memory.
We believe that no one would want to "murder" this internationally well-known beautiful scenic spot due to man-made factors.